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January 22, 2021  

Inspiration Over Motivation


Orientation Before Preparation

“I insist on a lot of time being spent, almost every day, to just sit and think..”
Warren Buffett

The reason your relationships suck, your home life is on the rocks, and your personal development is going nowhere is because you’re motivated, but you’re not inspired. Materialism is all about getting things done, hitting a target, achieving a goal, and gaining a reward. This is operant conditioning.


You have an inner voice. It will not argue with you. It will not compete for your attention. Your inner voice knows that without your compliance you will not act honestly and you will betray it. 


The way you find your inspiration is to live alongside it and speak to it, speaking all that you feel. And, as with a horse whisperer, it’s not what you say that’s important, it’s what you mean.


To read an illustrated version of Inspiration Over Motivation, visit my blog post here.

January 15, 2021  

Orientation Before Preparation


Orientation Before Preparation

“You can’t really know where you’re going
until you know where you’ve been.”
Maya Angelou

Recognize that to find greater potential in your life, you need to have a view of your world that allows for more. There are other ways of thinking within our own culture which we commonly denigrate, dismiss, or overlook. One of these commonly denigrated views is magical thinking.


The first step to progress in any issue we don’t understand is recognizing that we don’t understand. Rather than looking for solutions, because there won’t be any solutions, the key is re-envisioning the problem. In this, magical thinking can be illuminating because magical thinking is essentially emotional thinking. 


What you need is not so much a goal but a connection with the values most important to you. You want to be unencumbered; carry only your most fundamental values and detach from what’s material. Don’t ask for resolution, pursue illumination.


To read a written version of Orientation Before Preparation, visit my blog post here.

January 8, 2021  

Preparing for a Psychedelic Experience - Grounding


Preparing for a Psychedelic Experience - Grounding

The first steps in understanding yourself and learning to control your intentions and resilience.

Preparing for a psychedelic experience is preparing for disruption... You want to find in yourself the kind of flexibility that will enable you to become a larger person who is able to incorporate in yourself some of these energies when the experience is over.


Psychedelic experiences explore the components of your mind, and they offer the opportunity to rebuild, rearrange, or reinvent yourself. Whatever their origin, they are disruptive.

The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.”
—Michel de Montaigne


To read a written version of this introduction, which has links to the Psychic Santa induction, visit my blog post here.

January 1, 2021  

Empathy I


Empathy I

Basic features of empathy.
Why you need it and what it does for you.

There’s a colloquial definition of empathy as feeling what other people feel. That might get you somewhere if you knew what other people feel, but how could you? And what is “feeling” anyway?

Empathy is the glue for collective action and the foundation for synergy. It coordinates cooperation and sharing. Without empathy there is no feeling of cooperation. There can be a reason and strategy for cooperation, but without the underlying motive such blueprints are not stable. 


To read a written version of this introduction, which has links to the Psychic Santa induction, visit my blog post here.

December 24, 2020  

From Christmas to Santamas


From Christmas to Santamas

This is a short introduction to the hypnotic induction "Psychic Santa" which is a separate podcast on this site.

There is nothing Christian about the original Christmas. “Christ Mass” is an obvious gloss, a graffiti, a theft. Sweep that away to reach the real intention. Go where you were traditionally supposed to go. Make something of Christmas.

This is the INTRODUCTION to Psychic Santa.

To listen to Psychic Santa, go to this separate podcast.

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To read a written version of this introduction, which has links to the Psychic Santa induction, visit my blog post here.

This introduction to Psychic Santa does not contain the hypnotic induction itself. To listen to Psychic Santa induction, go to that podcast by clicking on the green button above.

December 23, 2020  

Psychic Santa (a hypnotic induction)



Psychic Santa

A hypnotic exploration of Christmas as a modern shamanic tradition.

Everything about Christmas is shamanic; it’s a modern shamanic tradition.

Are you planning a trip over the holidays? The holidays are a trip. Everything is a trip. Everything you do or think is done from some state of mind, and all states exist in your imagination. The holidays set you free. Your foot is on the gas. Why not floor it?

I’ve written the following piece to help you get “in the spirit” of a shamanic Christmas. It’s a story and a journey and an ascent up the chimney. Its purpose is to redefine Santa Claus someone worth believing in.

Do not listen to this HYPNOTIC AUDIO while operating machinery or driving a car!

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December 18, 2020  

Independent Thinkers


Independent Thinkers

Independent thinking is not an alternative because dependent thinking is not thinking.
There is a big difference between doubting official knowledge and doubting knowledge that is justified because it claims to be official. People who have difficulty discerning the difference between these two statements will have difficulty recognizing reason from prejudice. Most people are poor critical thinkers.

Most people are poor critical thinkers and do not distinguish between what they’ve heard and what they say. 

“In economics, the majority is always wrong.”
John Kenneth Galbraith, economist

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December 11, 2020  

The Brain Frequency Course


The Brain Frequency Course


A free, online, video mini-course on brainwaves and the foundations of awareness.


Everyone should understand brainwaves because attention is critical to all of our brain functions. What I can teach you about brainwaves is something you can use without therapy or formal training. You can incorporate an understanding of your brainwaves into your meditation, mindfulness, yoga, dreamwork, learning, or psychedelic practice.


I’m offering a free, online, video-based, mini-course on brainwaves. It consists of seven 10-minute videos interspersed with text and sprinkled with links to my related blog posts. You can access the course page by subscribing to my blog HERE, or at:

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December 4, 2020  

It Comes From Space



It Comes From Space


The notion of distance as it applies to a network theory
of our thought processes.


Imagine that you understood yourself as the network of thoughts. Different nodes of your map might represent different thoughts or points of view. They might represent different people. You might map your personalities as if they were other people, other people who you might be rather than the person you are.


Mind-space is something that emerges dynamically from the way thoughts build themselves. Without a theory of our mental network, psychology is sterile. With such a theory who knows how far you can go.



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November 23, 2020  

Tuning Your Dreams


Tuning Your Dreams

"It is extremely difficult to teach a person to see holistically once she has been educated to see sequentially."
Christopher Alexander, from The Nature of Order

Your awareness of the world around you is like the teeth of a gear. These teeth have a certain depth and frequency and you are aware of what meshes with them. Events of the world that are too small lack the power to turn your awareness, and events that fail to occur with the rhythm of these mental gears slip out of your consciousness, such as the roll of thunder and the chatter of birds....


I can teach you how to wake up, but is that what you want? It’s the way to fulfillment, but the path won’t be clear as you’ll see and feel more. Therapeutic dreaming is a process of waking up...


My weekly, six-session, live, online Therapeutic Dreaming class starts Nov. 28, 2020 and you can ENROLL BY CLICKING HERE.

A pre-recorded version of the class is also available. For more information GO HERE.


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