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March 26, 2020  

Unwinding the Negative (hypnotic induction)

Unwinding the Negative is a guided visualization to finding a more relaxed and empowered attitude. An affirmation that you have power and that you are safe. Listen to this piece to become grounded and goal-oriented.

This visualization is introduced by the previous piece, which you should listen to first, called COVID-19: Become an Activist. 

Do not listen to this HYPNOTIC AUDIO while operating machinery,
or driving a car!

March 26, 2020  

COVID-19: Become an Activist

If you think science is going to save you from COVID-19, then you should be aware that neither politicians, the media, nor doctors discover anything. How about we take these people by the seats of their pants and kick them in the right direction?

March 19, 2020  

Your Lymphatic System (hypnotic induction)

Listen to this visualization and retain the detached state that results from it. You will gain a waking sensitivity toward the areas where your nodes are located. Just as you can move through space with a heightened balance and awareness of the location of your limbs, so you will expand this to “think from your lymph nodes.”

Do not listen to this HYPNOTIC AUDIO while operating machinery or driving a car!

March 19, 2020  

COVID-19: Hypnosis for Your Lymphatic System

Sleep has been verified as an immune enhancer, and it may be the most effective thing you can do.

It is my untested belief that you can enhance your body’s recuperative efforts during sleep by deepening your interoceptive sense before sleeping.

This piece discusses how you might achieve this through imagining, sensing, and focusing on the tissues, organs, and processes. Do this by listening to the subsequent podcast titled "Your Lymphatic System." This will take you to a deeper connection with these autonomic processes.

March 12, 2020  

Nose and Throat (hypnotic Induction)

The induction Nose and Throat is a sensory exploration, a combination of imagination and heightened awareness. The object is to be mindful about your breath and responsive to the sensations in your throat and maxillary sinuses. Beyond that, my hope is that through creative visualization you will gain some control over the autonomic functions of blood flow, mucus production, and immune response in the sinus and throat tissues.

It is offered here as a tool for improving your immunity against the COVID-19 virus.

March 12, 2020  

COVID-19: Hypnosis and the New Flu.

I address COVID-19 from the perspective of immunity enhanced using hypnotherapy. The connection between hypnosis and illness lies in the realm of field of psycho-neuro-immunology. Hypnosis creates direct focus on things you may only be marginally conscious of creating space for your resting state to govern you actions and support improved immune function.

The podcast address the role of hypnotism in immunity, and introduces you to a free, audio induction separately available in this series called "Nose and Throat." Listen to "Nose and Throat" to sensitize your upper respiratory system.

March 6, 2020  

What You Can’t Remember (hypnotic induction)

This piece is a regression to consider your childhood. To rejoin yourself as a child, and to see what you would have thought of yourself, as you've become. This piece is about remembering.

Do not listen to this HYPNOTIC AUDIO while operating machinery or driving a car!

February 28, 2020  

Lessons That Can’t Be Taught

This piece connects voluntary and involuntary learning. The first is learning by consent and the second is learning under threat. I want to make the point that illness is a form of learning; it’s just at the far end of the spectrum.

February 21, 2020  

Evolution’s Choice

With regard to your illness or struggle, will you prevail through innovation or automation? What do doctors offer you? What have you been taught? I explore the role of creativity in healing.

February 14, 2020  

Leaving The World (hypnotic induction)

Leaving The World is a hypnotic, guided visualization that explores how your imagination can change not only what you see, but how you feel.

Do not listen to this HYPNOTIC AUDIO while operating machinery or driving a car!