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August 14, 2020  

The Purpose of Dreams

August 14, 2020


Dream Building

To use dreams therapeutically, play a role in designing them.

This piece addresses the role of dreams in creating our reality. Dreams are the laboratory where we can match our thoughts and feelings with our perception of reality. In our dreams, our more fundamental mental functions express themselves.

"If you want to play a greater role in designing your life, you’ll have to develop skills that are above average. The fact that we’re talking about this means you have already elevated your vision. Vision is where growth starts and what keeps it going...

"It may be correct to say that the first and last step in becoming a master craftsman of the mind is recognizing the fluid nature of reality. It is both a prerequisite for playing a constructive role in developing your identity, and a powerful tool for reshaping your dreams."

“Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you.”
Marsha Norman, playwright



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