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April 17, 2020  

The Gut Part I-Stomach (a hypnotic induction)

April 17, 2020


You can build an intuitive relationship with your stomach, but neither a doctor nor psychiatrist can help you. You can only reach your stomach in trance, because your stomach does not live in the world of mind.

The Gut Part I-Stomach leads you to a deeper and more caring relationship with your stomach. It is not curative, and it is not designed for a person in distress, though it might help them. Its aim is to create balance and alliance between your mind and your stomach.

Please tell others about this guided visualization. We all experience stomach distress at various times in our lives. This kind of self-hypnosis can help many people.

For further background listen to COVID-19 and Your Stomach, or read it as illustrated text on my website HERE.

Do not listen to this HYPNOTIC AUDIO while operating machinery or driving a car!