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December 23, 2020  

Psychic Santa (a hypnotic induction)

December 23, 2020



Psychic Santa

A hypnotic exploration of Christmas as a modern shamanic tradition.

Everything about Christmas is shamanic; it’s a modern shamanic tradition.

Are you planning a trip over the holidays? The holidays are a trip. Everything is a trip. Everything you do or think is done from some state of mind, and all states exist in your imagination. The holidays set you free. Your foot is on the gas. Why not floor it?

I’ve written the following piece to help you get “in the spirit” of a shamanic Christmas. It’s a story and a journey and an ascent up the chimney. Its purpose is to redefine Santa Claus someone worth believing in.

Do not listen to this HYPNOTIC AUDIO while operating machinery or driving a car!

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