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August 28, 2020  

Preparing For a Psychedelic Experience

August 28, 2020

Turrell Roden Crater

Preparing For a Psychedelic Experience

When you take a psychedelic you are enlisting in a struggle that’s much larger than you can imagine. Depending on who you are and what you take you may find yourself well beyond anything you expect...

You may be responding to an advertisement that says you’ll visit paradise but, once the ship leaves shore, where it goes is not up to you. You will be sent where you are needed...

I’ve written a list of aspects of mind and character that can be approached as separate issues. These are piers on which we build our character. Like a foundation, each pier bears a separate weight...

Each of these aspects can play a role in the psychedelic experience. Each of them should be under your control. You can strengthen each of them through focus and exploration. Consider them as questions and spread the answers out in front of you like a hand of cards...

Leaping into the beautiful sunrise sky,
I am overwhelmed with feeling,
and awaken with tears of joy.
Steven LaBerge, lucid dream researcher

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