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December 24, 2020  

From Christmas to Santamas

December 24, 2020


From Christmas to Santamas

This is a short introduction to the hypnotic induction "Psychic Santa" which is a separate podcast on this site.

There is nothing Christian about the original Christmas. “Christ Mass” is an obvious gloss, a graffiti, a theft. Sweep that away to reach the real intention. Go where you were traditionally supposed to go. Make something of Christmas.

This is the INTRODUCTION to Psychic Santa.

To listen to Psychic Santa, go to this separate podcast.

 Click Here to go to The Psychic Santa Podcast 


To read a written version of this introduction, which has links to the Psychic Santa induction, visit my blog post here.

This introduction to Psychic Santa does not contain the hypnotic induction itself. To listen to Psychic Santa induction, go to that podcast by clicking on the green button above.