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June 12, 2020  

COVID-19, Rethinking the Implausible

June 12, 2020


The piece explores the most "out there" idea that we have some intentional, mental control over molecules. What could this even mean?

To explore this, I go back to what we know about molecules, the mind, and how we might use one to affect the other. Obviously we do this, but how and what we accomplish is hard to define. That is the "implausible" that I'm trying to redefine. 

Viruses are too simple to have a strategy because that would require them to negotiate changing events in order to maintain it. Instead, they have a varied toolkit and the ability to evolve quickly... Evolution is to a virus what thinking is to us...

The key is to be able to change feelings in your tissues. If you have no feeling, then there’s nothing you can change. But once you have some feeling, then you can shape, expand, and even speak to it.

This piece introduces the next hypnotic visualization "Mind and Molecules" that is available as a separate podcast in this series.

“The immune system may be considered a cellular extension of the brain, a ‘mobile sensory organ.’ ” — R. Zachariae, et al.

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