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November 23, 2020  

Tuning Your Dreams


Tuning Your Dreams

"It is extremely difficult to teach a person to see holistically once she has been educated to see sequentially."
Christopher Alexander, from The Nature of Order

Your awareness of the world around you is like the teeth of a gear. These teeth have a certain depth and frequency and you are aware of what meshes with them. Events of the world that are too small lack the power to turn your awareness, and events that fail to occur with the rhythm of these mental gears slip out of your consciousness, such as the roll of thunder and the chatter of birds....


I can teach you how to wake up, but is that what you want? It’s the way to fulfillment, but the path won’t be clear as you’ll see and feel more. Therapeutic dreaming is a process of waking up...


My weekly, six-session, live, online Therapeutic Dreaming class starts Nov. 28, 2020 and you can ENROLL BY CLICKING HERE.

A pre-recorded version of the class is also available. For more information GO HERE.


November 13, 2020  

How The World Changes


We are changing the world using our minds.

Everything I know about insight, intellect, psychology, and the brain’s structure has little effect on how humans act to change the world. We still act the same way, we just do different things...

If I could change the patterns of my thoughts,I might change how I perceive the world. I don’t mean the kind of fluff that passes as “free will,” which I don’t much believe in, but rather how ideas come to me. I’m referring to the voices of insight, inclination, intuition, or similar guidance that precedes intellect, reason, and volition. I’m interested in learning as an abstract thing: the question of how we change when, left to ourselves, we can’t...

I want to talk about what’s going on beneath your thoughts and feelings. I believe you can operate there in an altered state of mind.

Here is a little equation relating our stimulation to our consciousness... Actually, it’s not a simple equation... This equation, and others of this sort, are the source of deterministic chaos, fractals, self-similarity, and phase transitions.


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November 6, 2020  

Your Brain’s Frequencies Are You


This is the last lecture in the course on brain frequencies in which I describe the importance of controlling your brain frequencies and how this affects your mind and health.

Understanding frequencies is the key to self-awareness. Consciousness begins with rhythm. When you learn to manage your rhythms, you become more conscious.

The brain frequencies course is free, prerecorded, and under 2 hours long. It’s available online at the neurofeedback page of, or you can get there directly by going to

October 2, 2020  

Deprivation, Meditation, Psychedelics, and Hypnosis


Deprivation, Meditation, and Psychedelics

My approach to trance work grew from my interest in having new experiences and my questions about learning. From this outline you may see how our views compare.

“No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”
 ― Friedrich Nietzsche


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September 11, 2020  

How Do You Feel?


How Do You Feel?

It takes a lot of thinking to feel emotional about something. Even the simplest emotion, such as the startle reaction, requires knowing what you’re seeing...

You don’t really remember any “thing,” you build memories on demand to represent experiences you’ve stored away in some coded form. You may think you remember a red car on a dirt road or a friend’s face on a summer evening, but you really don’t...

Here is the crux of the matter: there is much that you are missing. There is much more that you could feel. How do you feel? By exploring the depth and breadth of your emotional repertoire. Can you expand your emotional repertoire? Yes, you can.

“You need to become fully conscious of your emotions and be able to feel them before you can feel that which lies beyond them.
― Eckhart Tolle


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August 28, 2020  

Preparing For a Psychedelic Experience

Turrell Roden Crater

Preparing For a Psychedelic Experience

When you take a psychedelic you are enlisting in a struggle that’s much larger than you can imagine. Depending on who you are and what you take you may find yourself well beyond anything you expect...

You may be responding to an advertisement that says you’ll visit paradise but, once the ship leaves shore, where it goes is not up to you. You will be sent where you are needed...

I’ve written a list of aspects of mind and character that can be approached as separate issues. These are piers on which we build our character. Like a foundation, each pier bears a separate weight...

Each of these aspects can play a role in the psychedelic experience. Each of them should be under your control. You can strengthen each of them through focus and exploration. Consider them as questions and spread the answers out in front of you like a hand of cards...

Leaping into the beautiful sunrise sky,
I am overwhelmed with feeling,
and awaken with tears of joy.
Steven LaBerge, lucid dream researcher

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August 21, 2020  

The Preparation For and Integration Of Psychedelics


The Preparation For and Integration Of Psychedelics

I’m now a therapist; I make it my business to enable and explain the process of transformation. I might say I was always a therapist except that I was my only client. I can now see the psychedelic experience in everyday life in the form of manufactured reality and disordered thinking. On that basis, I’m qualified to describe psychedelics as a normal part of life.

A good recipe only gets you started. You need to take it from there.

I know many people more experienced with psychedelics than I, but I can claim some insight. First, I’ve always been focused on my personal growth not entertainment, and while my progress has been slow, I’ve been careful. I’ve been at it for over 50 years.

"There is a groundswell of interest in the use of psychedelics for psychotherapy, and I really object to this. These are transformative medicines that are abused when their use is limited to psychology’s main goal of returning people to normal. I have this problem with psychologists in general: they are not trained and they are not selected to support change but rather to restrain it....

"One of psychedelic’s main purposes is to teach people that medicines are not necessary. In this, I take a very Buddhist stance: changes of mind are best achieved through mind alone. Psychedelics expand the mind, but they do so as a can opener. They can bust open a stuck lock, but the world that’s revealed is the real world, not a hallucination."

“After some time, with my eyes closed, I began to enjoy this wonderful play of colors and forms, which it really was a pleasure to observe.”
Albert Hoffman, chemist and inventor of LSD

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July 17, 2020  

Dreams and Foggy Thinking


The keys to dream recall are gaining awareness of the dream while the dream is occurring, and applying a sufficiently quiet level of awareness so that your retrieval of the dream is not derailed by your thoughts. I want to focus on the second of these: learning to think quietly...

If you'd like to learn more about dreams, visit, where I sell books, offer free posts, and periodically offer classes on sleeping and dreams.

“A busy mind is full of thoughts, a blissful mind is full of ideas… a conclusive mind cannot be a creative mind.”
Amit Kalantri

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June 19, 2020  

COVID-19 Chronicles


I've collected my pieces on COVID-19 into a book that follows the virus's public appearance, my experience with it, and its effect on science and government. Most of all, the book is a hypnotic learning tool to strengthen immunity and spirit.

Where does the virus's fit in our ecology? What have we done to create this ecology and what can we do about it?

This introductory chapter orients you to the following chapters and audio files.

As small as you may think you are, you are not small because these systems are not entirely stable, and that’s what your mind is for: to guide these systems. You are the intelligence in the machine.

Human health is the great global connector.” Kathleen Sebelius


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May 1, 2020  

The Voyage (a hypnotic induction)


The Voyage traces the steps from the conscious to the subconscious. Its goal is to help you navigate in the current, chaotic environment by lowering the keel of your emotional balance and raising the sail of intuition. These will help you find direction as you move through this fluid situation.

The visualization uses a land-ocean-boat metaphor. It doesn’t require that you have boating experience, in fact, it’s better if you don’t. That way, what you imagine will be your mind’s current territory, not one from memory. 

Tell others about this guided visualization. It will help them better manage their stress.

For further background listen to COVID-19, Time to Look Around, or read it as illustrated text on my website HERE.

Do not listen to this HYPNOTIC AUDIO while operating machinery or driving a car!

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